London SEO

Learning SEO Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

If you’re interested in learning SEO in London, it doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. Many search engine optimization consultants or companies like try to make it seem almost impossible for anyone to figure out.

The solution, of course, is to hire them and pay them for their services.

But hiring someone to do your search engine optimization for you isn’t necessary. Learning SEO doesn’t have to involve a lot of money, coaches or consultants.

For starters, it’s important to do all the “little things” for on-page optimization. These things won’t really help you get top rankings, but not doing them can hurt you.

It used to be you could include the keyword in your title, meta description and keyword list and this would go a long way toward a page one ranking for that keyword.

This isn’t the case anymore but you still need to do these things. So make sure you always include your keyword in the title, and the meta description. This is what the guys at surge rank London will always teach

There are also some basic on-page optimization you need to do for the target keyword. This includes having the keyword appear in the first paragraph of your content. If you can, the first sentence is even better.

Secondly, you should include the keyword in at least one subtitle as well as on link on the page.

Be sure and link out to one authority site relevant to your page topic. Some examples include Wikipedia or even right back to Google search results page for that keyword.

Learning SEO also means understanding the layout of the content. It needs to be easy to read and scan-able.

seo h1 tagsThis means using sub-heads with H2 tags to break up the content, as well as things like bullet points and block quotes.

Be sure and include at least one quality image and use the keyword phrase in the “alt’ tag for that picture.

The length of the content is important as well. Do some research on your keyword phrase and check out the length of the content on the first page. For some keyword phrases, short content of three hundred to five hundred words ranks really well.

But for other keywords, content pieces of one thousand words or more are ranking higher in the search engines.

The reason for this is that the search engines don’t want people clicking on results on the first page and then hitting the back button to go to other results. They want their customers (the people using the search engine) to find everything they are looking for in that one result. So you need to provide it for them.

For some keywords, short content pieces provide everything that is needed and people don’t want to read two thousand words to get the few they want.

For others, the answer can’t be provided in a few hundred words.

While learning SEO it’s important to know that things are always evolving and you need to stay on top of changes. Recently, what are called “social signals” are playing a bigger role in getting a high ranking in the search engines.

Social signals simply means is the content social? Is it shareable on social media sites? If people are sharing your content a lot on social media sites, that’s a signal to the search engines that it is high quality, relevant content that their users will like.

There are other factors involved in getting good search engine rankings but when it comes to learning SEO, master what’s in this article first before diving deeper into other ranking factors.