Effects of Shisha Smoking

The Harmful Effects of Shisha Smoking

Shisha/sheesha, ideally known as Hookah is basically flavoured tobacco that is smoked using hookah water pipes (also known as Goza, Hubble Bubble, etc).

A hookah usually consists of a pipe, bowl, base and a mouthpiece or a hose. Tobacco is placed in the bowl (located at the top of the device). It is covered by an aluminium foil where small charcoal or coal pieces are placed and lit in order to heat the flavoured tobacco. The hose is used to smoke the sweet-smelling vapour through the water, and it comes in various floral forms like vanilla, strawberry, mint, etc.

The Health Effects of Shisha Smoking

Causes Cancer

Shisha smokers often absorb higher concentrations of the toxins found in cigarettes. This can be attributed to the mode of sheesha smoking- including the frequency of puffing, length of the session as well as the depth of inhalation. This increases the chances of developing cancer.

The coal used to heat the flavoured tobacco ideally increases health risks. The smoke, even after being filtered through water usually contains heavy metals, carbon monoxide, and cancer-causing elements. A standard one-hour session of shisha smoking is known to expose the user to over 100 times the quantity of smoke gasped from one cigarette.

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Low Birth Weight in Pregnant Women

Smoking sheesha when pregnant puts the unborn child at risk. They may face underweight issues and even difficulty in breathing and other respiratory issues.

Danger of Second Hand Smoke

Smoking shisha poses a severe potential hazard to smokers as well as those exposed to the emitted smoke. Passive smoke from hookah poses a serious health risk for non-smokers, especially because it contains smoke not only from the tobacco but from the heat source as well.

Nicotine Addiction

Sheesha smoking delivers about the same amount of nicotine as cigarettes. This often leads to nicotine addiction, which can be hard to stop.

Shisha Alternatives

Electronic Shisha pens are a more healthy alternative to shisha smoking, as they can include little or no nicotine at all but still provide the enjoyable vapour and flavours
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